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A Modern Co-operative

Why us?

Why Choose Beaches Co-operative Playschool for your child?

The Beaches Co-operative Playschool is a great option for families who are looking for a more enriching option for their child’s early education. Here’s why we have been a pillar in early childcare since 1973, standing apart from other preschools in East York and the Beaches area:


  • A strong sense of community is at the foundation of the school. Deeply rooted in our special beaches neighborhood, we are also a little community of our own

  • Play-based learning enables learning AND lets kids be kids

  • Our teachers are qualified, well-educated and compassionate educators

  • We no longer require duty days in school! Parental participation is important to the school, without the requirement of classroom duty

  • Family-led separation is a cornerstone of our philosophy, allowing the child and caregiver to transition at their own pace

  • Outdoor space is key to letting kids play and explore! We offer a safe and fun playground for our students

As a modern co-operative, we recognize and appreciate there is a spectrum of time and contributions families can make. We no longer require "duty days", or dedicated time spent in the classroom. The contributions to the co-op range from a few hours a month (washing toys, for instance) to a few hours a week (serving on the executive committee). We invite parents to join our morning welcome circle, and give to the school community in ways they are able.

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