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 celebrating 50 years in the community

With a play based curriculum and family-led separation, we enable your children to learn, play and grow. As a modern co-operative playschool, we no longer require classroom duty and welcome all levels of familial involvement.


The Beaches Co-operative Playschool is a non-profit, community-focused preschool for children 18 months to 5 years. With a play-based learning curriculum, children are invited to fully explore their innate curiosity in a safe and nurturing environment. Family-led separation is a cornerstone of the co-operative school. For 40 years, the preschool has been providing quality child care for the Toronto Beaches & East York communities.


We switched from a more 'traditional' preschool

We switched to BCP a few weeks into the school year last fall, from a more “traditional” preschool. My daughter seemed to have quite a lot of trouble fitting in with the teachers/program at the other school, according to the head teacher; however, since we would just drop our kids off and they would disappear into the classroom until the end of the school day, I never got to see firsthand what her issues/challenges were. Happily, from our first day at BCP I was encouraged to stay and be involved in my daughter’s preschool education.

Register now for the 2023/2024 school year

Our waitlist is now open for you to reserve your child's spot. We will contact you soon to complete the official registration process.

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